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Last touches to the ESTCube-1 communication module

Last months have been very busy time to all ESTCube-1 core developers, because deadline to really, really handover the satellite was closing quickly. It is over now.


So it is time to do a little overview about what was happening on communication module (COM) side. The whole project started in 2008. I joined the team in the autumn of 2009. Steady development was going on 2 years. This period was not very active, all the stuff was new to us and actually we did not have single team member who had built cubesat before. Also there were couple of years to the actual deadline, students do not do anything unless they know that deadline is tomorrow. Rather more happened in diagrams and paper than in the lab. However by 2011 third COM subsystem prototype was made and I also defend my master’s thesis about developing this prototype. I was more involved in digital electronics and firmware...

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